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We’re In Motion - an advertising, content and production agency that thinks differently.

Our leading creatives and strategists can help you with anything from strategy to design, campaigns and web creation. We have a proven track record helping brands and businesses raise awareness, launch products, drive sales, retain customers and educate staff.

And we also have strong roots in production with serious expertise and experience. Our team of producers, camera people, video editors, audio engineers and motion graphics artists have been making awesome videos for years and years - videos for TV, videos for websites, videos for corporates, videos for social media, the list goes on.

Essentially, that means we deliver the best of both worlds by connecting the dots between ideation and production. This means a seamless, highly integrated approach that’s proven to deliver incredible results in a simple, agile, cost-effective way

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Rob Steele

Managing Director

Chris Long

General Manager

Isabella Stimpson


Letitia Margalski

Production Manager

James Watt

Content Creation Manager

Cam Tillotson

Motion Graphics Designer