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SIXT are a German multinational car rental/subscription company, operating in over 100 countries.

SIXT recently became established in New Zealand, under the umbrella of the wider Giltrap Group, and InMotion were tasked with launching the brand digitally.

The Task

SIXT is a brand which has excellent recognition overseas however it was largely unfamiliar to the New Zealand market. The launch of SIXT NZ, spearheaded by Dane Fisher and Bryn McGoldrick, presented a challenge for both SIXT and In-Motion to create a series of launch videos, social content, marketing collateral, print/digital advertising and billboards to accompany the wider rollout across New Zealand. In-Motion chose to partner with creative agency Rainger and Rolfe to assist with copy for billboards, social adverts, and the initial launch videos. Rainger and Rolfe have consistently been a partner of In-Motion and it was a pleasure to have their talents back in the mix.

The Solution

Partnering with Director Christopher Dudman, In-Motion worked relentlessly to deliver an intelligent, humorous, and successful series of videos for the online launch of SIXT. New Zealand actor Jono Kenyon was cast as the talent, along with a variety of beautiful and unique vehicles - it’s safe to say we had a great couple of days pulling this together. So far, the results have spoken for themselves. 250,000+ video views with an average watch time of 54 seconds; we were ecstatic with the response in New Zealand and abroad. Along with these launch videos, In-Motion were proud to deploy a series of billboards across the country, as well as website development, print/digital advertisements, and a range of other tasks to ensure the smooth, cohesive, and professional launch of such a respected brand.

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